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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] yesterday afternoon, is in Sydney preparing for the Asian Cup, the Chinese soccer team and the Oman team carried out a warm-up match, which is also the national football last time wearing Adidas jersey competition . Yesterday morning, the general manager of Ford Po Dong Zheng to the Chinese Football Association, "the Bureau" informed "China Team" future cooperation negotiations equipped sponsorship. After Adidas sponsored "China Team" for 30 years, eventually opt out, Nike instead. It is understood that the Chinese Football Association and Nike signed a super large single contract, not only single-season sponsorship exceeded one hundred million yuan, the contract period is more than 10 years, Nike has thus realized the Super League, "China Team" equipment sponsorship "Unity." Adidas abandon renew According to the original agreement, Adidas recently sponsored "China Team" of the contract was to expire on December 31 last year. Chinese Football Association, Ford Bowes from early last year came into contact with potential partners. In addition to Adidas, Nike, Puma, 361 degrees, and other international and domestic brands have talked to the Chinese Football Association inquiry. Although the Chinese team performance is not satisfactory for many years, but the Chinese Football Association hope to establish cooperation with international brands. After multi-party evaluation, Ford Bowes Retro jordans for sale ultimate goal of the negotiations is locked in Adidas, Nike, the two body. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Chinese Football Association, the association has a considerable number of people out of "anti-monopoly" reserved business negotiations bidding space considerations, we tend with Adidas again later. But then deep cooperation emotions are pushed withstand enormous interest. A person with Adi companies have had business exchanges yesterday said, "I heard there from Adi, who after company official China region changed hands, about the football in particular, 'China Team' cooperation strategy has also undergone a change is not so much coveted Nike 'Team China' resources, it is more Adidas contract in a way to give up. " China Football Association no longer strapped Yesterday morning, the Chinese Football Association executives Dong Zheng heard reports on the situation concerning the cooperation. This will on the one hand is to express respect for the original partners, on the other hand is in strict accordance with procedures approved by the Association. Association vice chairman Zhang Jian had also emphasized the relevant personnel, regardless of who is in hand, you can not cross the boundaries of the rules and the law, it must be established by fair means partners. Earlier, outside the famous Nike will "China Team" equipment sponsor signed a four-year contract is about, but it is understood that the contract period is much hig Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale her than four years, even more than 10 years. Although the total amount of the contract is not yet known, but no less than one million per year sponsorship amount, at least the Chinese Football Association will no longer have enough money. The new equipment has already arrived in Australia With the Nike hand "China Team", with the National Women's Soccer Team will next be participating in were wearing Nike Jersey Women's Asian Cup and Shenzhen Si Guosai. So equipment delivery and payment of how to implement? In this regard, an insider said, because the Chinese Football Association and Nike as early as the end of last year has reached a principled consensus on cooperation, Nike already make proper preparations. Nike equipment used with the Orangemen said to have delivery to Australia, only to be the Football Association official confirmed that cooperation, dress up immediately. It should be noted that, due to cooperation with the Chinese Football Association, Nike's some hasty, Nike shirts and custom training on equipment generally takes a year or so, so the Nike-sponsored Chinese team's equipment is not "exclusive equipment" Women's national football uniforms and clothing are also common format, veneered team logo, and Nike will be followed as soon as possible, "China Team" design unique style. It is reported that Nike's personnel during the Asian Cup will go to Australia, I hope the national football first "Nike", do not give new partners clog buy cheap jordans online ging. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: Hee-meter Mount Nick & nbsp; Orem Fort)0.jpg (276.2 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-12 19:26 upload 1.jpg (125.7 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-12 19:26 upload 2.jpg (174.11 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-12 19:26 upload 3.jpg (119.53 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-12 upload 19:26 4.jpg (164.27 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-12 19:26 upload 5.jpg (105.39 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-12 19:26 upload 6.jpg (130.65 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-12 19:26 upload 7.〉0.jpg (618.88 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-5 19:06 upload is due to the relatively lightweight marathon shoes, the application of science and technology is taking practical minimalist style, the arch with Torsion System support, SPRINTFRAME is placed in the bottom to reduce weight and increase support and assist the transmission power, the shoe is knitted with this upper sensation, but this is actually a long some technology, but the brand for their own position or perform the Rashomon, continuous self-improvem air jordan 11 space jam for sale ent after we have more technology can enjoy, but to have to mention this pair of shoes is used special blue shoe insoles can see from the outside is made in Germany, the whole work is perfect, can stick with the requirements the quality of the. 1.jpg (444.28 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-5 19:06 upload 2.jpg (379.53 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-5 19:06 upload 3.jpg (362.62 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-5 19:06 upload 4.jpg (433.54 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-5 19:06 upload competitors, Adidas, RashomonI believe must be one of the important factors in cold autumn and winter go hinder your movement, Nike new push Therma-Sphere Max training vest can solve these problems. Recently, Nike issued a Therma-Sphere Max Winter Series catalog, in order to streamline fit body design, equipped with modern science and technology of Therma-Sphere materials to build a training suit, not only lightweight and comfortable, and to lock the body warm gas, ensuring ventilation functionality also lose thermal effects, and then to waterproof coating and close the zipper as a decoration, to give the body good protection, I believe will be favored more outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is reported that a single product series will be released in the near future, like a friend, please pay jordans on sale online close attention to subsequent messages.Running and equipment in winter when winter comes, running has become a big problem. Unless it has scheduled to participate in the competition, there seems little reason to let oneself braved the zero wind temperature and stinging to run outside a large, even more enthusiastic will be the most cold water! but there are still some people who can't resist the lure of road running in the outdoor environment, and then put on a layer of equipment and go out with a cold drill. But what should we wear in winter and what should we wear to go out? Here are some tips for running equipment in winter. Here you are. first look at the big picture: head is the first winter running head in addition to outside contact with the outside world's largest region, and a lot of sweat ran in the process will lead to the loss of temperature head up, if you can not guarantee the dry head is easy to cause a cold, so ran in the recommended multifunctional or quick drying or fleece scarf hat on the head warm. This can ensure that the head of sweat can be quickly absorbed, drained, keep the head dry, on the other hand, can keep warm on the head, to avoid the emergence of temperature loss. upper body ensure body warmth can make the process of running more smoothly, so the upper right collocation is very important, the three layer method is very popular in the outdoor circle "is a very classic winter dress code system. The three jordans on sale mens layer refers to the ventilation layer as the basis, with insulation layer and protective layer of a complete body matching. winter running equipment of course body can also be in accordance with the concept of these three layers of the dress, wearing light fitting can be long or short sleeved clothing to ensure ventilation and thermal compression effect in compression clothing outside can choose light cashmere vest as the insulating layer, the protective layer a good skin coat or soft shell light is enough. hand gloves and caps in the winter of the functional is similar to that of the exposed hands cold easily affect the running experience, so choose a relatively warm gloves for the hands running provide warm harbor also can greatly improve the running process of the sports performance. If you are a night person, you can also choose gloves with reflective function to kill two birds with one stone. leg although the running of our legs has been in motion, but the leg is winter running in the process easy to cold parts, sometimes even 10 kilometers down the legs especially the knees are still very cold, in addition to the early warm-up to place outside, the leg of the equipment should also be better equipped. doesn't recommend wearing shorts in winter even when considering the comfort of road running. The leg of the equipment can be considered the upper part of the collocation, personal choice for compression trousers, both the function of h jordan 3 katrina 2018 eat preservation and compression, if the temperature is too low then you can choose the fleece compression and trousers collocation sports pants, but the most important thing is do not choose.Data map January, 10-12, at the 2017 winter outdoor exhibition in Salt Lake City, we saw many of the hottest new equipment for the coming year. Among them, the U.S. media found 5 Emerging Trends in running equipment: 1, technical equipment more fancy outstanding functionality does not mean that it is not fancy and interesting. The Olympic record for running the designer in the design of this reflective HOODIE ($80) when taking into account. This is Hoodie heat preservation and comfortable fit body and generous zip pocket and hood. In addition, the use of sign or said "running without limit (zero limits running)" reflective prints the Morse code which not only in the daytime look fancy, but also show little light in the dark. 2, running shoes design more life all major running shoe brands have a life - long running shoes - a trend for walking with unique fabrics. Brooks's Adrenaline GTS 17 ($120) and Launch 4 ($120) are the product of this trend. They are not only powerful, but also novel in appearance and conform to the style of everyday life. There are similar products for Connie and austria. 3, snacks are more delicious, pickled watermelon and ginger flavored soda Clif energy blocks ($2, 2.8 packs) are the product of real running food and real foo cheap air jordans d. These delicious foods are like partying in your mouth. Ginger ale can relieve stomach upset. The two flavors are both mild and refreshing, and they don't taste as long as some other energy bars. 4, cool clothing continues to develop, 's latest technology from Coolcore can provide you with fantastic dreams in hot weather. The production line began with the manufacture of cool towels and has now expanded into clothing and other brands. The latest non chemical cooling fiber technology has been used in their own clothing lines, vests ($32), shirts, shorts, khaki pants ($65) and leggings. Each piece contains grid structures, reflective belts, wide belts, UPF (UV protection) protection layer and leveling seam in the high sweating area. In the case of sweating or humidity, its ventilation and cooling effect is obvious. 5, drink more refined way over the years, people have used reusable travel mugs, whether they drink cold or hot drinks. The utility model has the advantages of environment protection, safety, beautiful appearance and easy cleaning. Of course, eat Smoothie would inevitably have missed. Klean Kanteen is about to introduce an accessory for cups - Reusable lids, silicone nozzles and stainless steel straw sets (the two combinations are $10). In addition, each unit is equipped with a palm fiber straw cleaning brush. (〉adidas Originals EQT Running Support new color 2014-02-24 21:08:05 From the beginning of the sale began, adidas jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black Originals EQT Support 93 & nbsp; shoes related activities and more. In & quot; Oddity & quot; after release, this weekend will be on sale & quot; White Pack & quot; series, in between, adidas brought new color exposure period, this use of olive, black and white shoes compared to the previous models released & quot; Oddity & quot; series more suitable for wearing on the foot. It is reported that in early March this shoe will be available for sale in some foreign websites, interested friends can look at. Air Jordan 4 "Cheetah Yeezy" personal customization Appreciation 2014-02-24 21:02:54 Recently, customized sneakers lovers & nbsp; Hippie Neal to a once-exposed Nike Air Yeezy 2 Sample versions of the color of inspiration, this design transplanted to the 4 on the Air Jordan, to create out of this & nbsp; Air Jordan 4 "Cheetah Yeezy" personal customization work. In addition to the color of the same design, Hippie Neal will & nbsp; Air Yeezy 2 golden lace buckle design grafted to the top of this work, the overall effect is very good. Nike basketball December 4 officially released the latest signature shoe and players 2014-12-03 11:48:07 In Nike's 42-year history, only less than one percent joined the athletes can have their own signature shoes. Another new generation of players coming into their ranks, become a signature shoe Nike athletes, who he will be? Please Beijing at 9:00 on December 4 Follo cheap foamposites w Nike basketball conference. Nike in this branch are also invited to the three pillars of its basketball player, elaborated signature shoe for some of the views and far-reaching significance. & nbsp; & nbsp; "I always believe that when you are ready to order a good performance, when I walked into the locker room and saw the jersey No. 23, and then fasten your own signature shoe laces, it feels like a finishing touch. "- LeBron ? James obtained in 2003 the first pair of Nike signature shoes & nbsp; & nbsp; "When I saw his signature shoe, I can not accept it and I'm out of tune, I hope it is an extension of me, every time I put on my shoes, tie shoelaces, the foot will feel ready to be hair. "- Kobe Bryant ? obtain in 2006 the first pair of Nike signature shoes & nbsp; & nbsp; "Basketball will always be my all, I hope the fans through my signature shoes and my empathy, whenever they put my signature shoe, you can feel and I fought side by side." - Kevin ? DU Rand to get the first pair of Nike signature shoes in 2008 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike LeBron 11 "Christmas" sale date to determine 2013-12-09 00:10:20 Christmas is approaching, before-exposed Nike LeBron 11 "Christmas" also identified the release date. The Christmas version will be officially listed on December 26, priced at $ 200, Item No. 616175-301. Shoes using red and green Christmas atmosphere rich color, decorated with snowflake-like pattern on the upper. Like friends can look popular in the 2013 Air Jordan1 Jordan, AJ V.2 Low also quietly continue to introduce new products, overwhelmed by this new shoes with red nylon material as the background, the toe and heel portion, lace holes also collocation dazzling red suede decorative material to be exposed, and lining, leather laces, swoosh and the logo part with black, with the white bottom is very classic. Now, this pair of Jordan AJ V.2 Low has been on sale in Oneness, like friends can pay attention to. also has a custom theme for AJ4 consoles, but this one comes from the hands of Freaker Sneaks. Extract the NES game representative white, grey, black and red colors of classic shoe body and the sole Air Jordan 4 Super Mario Bros. will make only superficial changes, "Dunk" and "Hunt" retro games were present on both sides of the tongue, and in addition to the heel of the control button details, specially made Jumpman game card tag also known as one of the highlights. This custom Air Jordan 4 "NES" will be available only on Freaker Sneaks's official website.Nike x Undercover Gyakusou series of recent tours 2014-05-06 22:43:00 footwear runners respected by Nike x Undercover Gyakusou series Zaidufali season, the Mr. Gao Qiaodun used in the design of contrasts The colors and materials, the use of visual effects to express this "yin and yang" concept, while incorporating the most advanced innovative technology performance running shoes for shoe fans amaze friends again. Xiao Bian today to bring you the latest in the series of footwear real shot, learned new 2014 spring Nike x Undercover Gyakusou such as X158 series is now in the limited edition of the designated shops. Mark McNairy x Club Monaco 2013-12-08 23:35:06 published jointly footwear American designer famous namesake brand & nbsp; Mark McNairy has teamed Canadian fashion brand Club Monaco, launched a group called the & nbsp; "Makers & amp; Muses" joint footwear line. This series continues the & nbsp; Mark McNairy consistent design style, classic British and American doctrine perfect fusion. In addition to & nbsp; Mark McNairy most adept & nbsp; outside Brogue Shoe, the series also includes a Carrefour shoes, saddle shoes, cap-toe boots and so on. Style gentleman friend might like to look at. Stash x Reebok Question joint release 2014-02-24 20:57:31 graffiti artist Stash Reebok launched jointly working together again, still based Reebok & nbsp; Question for the prototype, but did not use the Stash the usual blue-gray tone, but with a red leather with gray suede with black on the bottom decorated with red ink pattern, very street art. No specific information about this joint sale, and interested friends can look carefully. gentleman men's must-see nonnative x Regal 2013 spring and summer shoes Preview 2013-12-08 22:51:14 Takayuki Fujii street brand founded by the famous shoe brand nonnative recently teamed Regal, launched a series of 2013 The new spring and summer. This new series continues the Regal refined simplicity of design style, the British gentleman style to the fullest. Classical carved elements, textured and full of suede One-Tone minimalist design, like the gentleman men do not miss this joint campaigns.recently, Nike will re introduce Dynasty High classic high basketball shoes. By 1986 the white navy blue color, in a bandage and a tongue of a play, but also the shoes shoes now as a meaningful life. with shoes from the previous low change to high Bangchang tongue, the brand began to pick up in 80s almost "boots" works, if you still love Low version can be tried to change the style. Outside the box of Nike SB has been all the shoes fans about the topic, from the earliest orange box and the general shoes is as the beginning, the next silver box evolved to the unique, followed by people outside the box of one of the bright pink eyes, the subsequent debut for Diablo outside box, and the recent is the blue box to the outside of the box are different. Refreshed at Nike SB in each period, 11 has also witnessed the rise and fall of each period, this time Nike SB is expected to debut a new red box in June, while Zoom Koston One will be the first equipped with dual box in addition the beginning of shoes. Nike SB replaced the red clothes, whether SB will return the metaphor of hot period, let us wait and see.

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