Activities - Core Businesses

Construction Activities
KOCA Group has been active in Turkey and the Middle East Region since 1981 and many construction projects have been completed successfully since 1981, especially related to the following works:

- Earth works and soil improvements
- Heavy foundations
- Mining and deep mine shaft constructions
- Substructural works
- Marine and coastal structures
- Precast elements production and installations
- Industrial and commercial buildings

KOCA Group is active in the design and construction of Mining and deep mine shaft constructions. The design of the structures is simulated to see the earth quake behaviors. Concrete mix designs are made for extreme environmental conditions to provide sulfate resistance and high performance for a service life over 100 years as per European Norms using special mineral addition in concrete. Jet grouting is applied for the purpose of soil improvement as well seismic resistivity which is the patented technology. Hydraulic lifting systems are used for the combined concrete form work and platform systems.

KOCA Group is active in marine works and sub structural construction projects requiring advanced engineering solutions with special design and method of construction for sophisticated projects such as dry docks, slipways, water intake, scale pits, railway crossing, vertical precast shafts, caissons that are usually at the coastal line with poor soil conditions, requiring special soil improvement methods such as jet grouting, piling dewatering, sinking caissons, etc.

KOCA Group has interest in design and construction of infrastructures projects such as; highways, bridges, underpasses and related utilities, Power Plants, Pipe Lines, Water and Wastewater Projects.

For such projects, not only in its own management, but also through affiliates who have great experience, KOCA Group can collaborate and contract for such projects to provide high quality engineering, project consulting and a wide variety of services besides construction.

KOCA Group is ready with its capability and expertise to provide turnkey engineering-construction and supervision services to its clients.

Having the advantage of being a producer of cement based structural construction materials; KOCA Group has completed large number of factories and commercial buildings where required precast concrete elements were also produced by the company. In this respect, the total floor areas of such buildings with different properties which were completed within the last 25 years are over 300.000 m2.

Industrial Plants
KOCA Group has designed, installed and operated various plants related to construction industry such as production of cement, ready mixed concrete, aggregate, sand, dry-mix products besides various steel and precast concrete structures for different industries with complete stockyards, silos, automation for storage dispatching and control systems and mechanical and electrical works for such plants.

KOCA Group performs designing, manufacturing, “turn-key” construction and commissioning of industrial facilities of different capacities according to the needs of customers.

- Cement grinding and preparation facilities
- Lime plant
- Gypsum plant
- Facilities for loading, storage of aggregate materials (aggregate, cement, lime, gypsum, etc.)
- Mining and processing plants (feldspar, quartz) crushing, grinding, micronized classification (screening), floatation]

Production of Construction Material
Ready Mix Concrete
KOCA Group is one of the pioneers of ready mixed concrete business. The company holds national record of the highest concrete strength with 190 MPA.

KOCA Group has supplied over several million cubic meter concrete and various precast concrete products and quarry products to the projects in larger Istanbul Area.

KOCA Group owned and operated grinding plants for production of normal and high performance cement. Fully computer automated plants were designed and installed with the latest available technology to respond demands of the industry for different purposes. Therefore, besides Portland cement, triple blend cements are produced using clinker, and other additions.

As a result of high performance cement technology developed by the company, production of special cement with strength value equivalent to PC 82.5 was achieved for special applications where high strength with shorter de-molding time is essential.

Aggregates and Mining
KOCA Group has operated various mine quarries located in Marmara region of Turkey. These quarries provide aggregate, truss, sand, calcite, dolomite and gypsum.

Admixtures and Dry Mixed Products
KOCA Group has been a producer of chemical and mineral admixtures as well as dry mix products. These products have been developed with the benefit of experience for many years and formulated to enhance the properties of such products. Various kinds of precast concrete elements are being produced at the factory using high performance concrete.

KOCA Group has qualified staff for production of all kinds of cement based construction material.