Industrial Buildings and Structures for Potassium Chloride Mining Processing Plant

The scopes of the Buildings and Structures contracted are as follows:

Ore Stockpile Building

The Building will be constructed to store potassium ore the size of storage is 45.00 m wide, 234.00 m long and the height is 25.00 m. The transparent roof covers shall be placed on the wooden beams located at every 4.5 m over the side walls, where the walls are constructed on continuous foundation.

There shall be a trestle moving on rails, supporting the reclaimers for unloading the mine in each storage hall. The mine shall be transferred to the mine processing facilities by the conveyor bands placed at the floor level of each storage hall.

Technical features of the Building are:

- Loading conveyors : 234.00 m
- Reclaimers : 2 units
- Unloading conveyors : 234.00 m

Storage of Metal & Equipment With Preparation Section

The Warehouse and Workshop Building is a steel structure unit and has a length of 86.00 m and width of 36.00 m, having height of 9.50 m under the roof beam. There will be three sections; two identical sections shall be used for maintenance and repair purposes and the third section shall be used for storage purposes. There will be overhead cranes at each section of the workshop sections.

Administrative Building Of Machinery & Equipment Complex

The administration building shall be a 2 story unit having dimensions of 15.00 m by 42.00 m at each floor. Total closed area shall be 1260 m² . The building shall contain the personnel’s locker rooms, showers, cafeteria and offices. It will be steel structure building where the foundations are reinforced concrete and the covers shall be sandwich panel claddings. The inner partition walls shall be gypsum panel walls.

Storage building for granulated product and fine-grained concentrated product and Classification Department

This Potassium Chloride Storage and Handling Plant contract consists of:

a. Designing complete granulated products storage and handling plant including civil, structural and electromechanical features of the system
b. Implementation of civil works and construction of 14000 m2 steel structure with a height of 28.00 m
c. Procurement and manufacturing of Electromechanical machinery and equipment of the plant
d. Installation and commissioning of the plant

The plant is designed for stocking and handling of potassium mineral before dispatching. The processed fine-grained and granular mineral imported by conveyors into two adjacent stock halls in the plant. The granular material is unloaded by a 550 ton/hr. capacity reclaimer and transported to classification department of this plant where approximately 10 % fine material is separated and sent to the fine-grained material storage hall and the rest of the material is sent to the dispatching unit.

The fine grained materials coming from processing units and the classification department of this plant are carried by conveyors to the hall with a capacity of 47000 m³. This stocked fine grained mineral is unloaded by another 550 ton/hr. capacity reclaimer and sent to the dispatching department by a conveyor system.

This plant is designed as a single compact unit consisting of two stock halls with capacities of 35.000 m³ and 47.000 m³ and a classification department together with its electromechanical and automation facilities.

The process in the plant is an automatic operation working in compliance with the other process units such as separation and floatation unit and dispatching unit. This automated operation is run by a specially designed software and hardware utilizing PLC devices.