Activities - Engineering Services

KOCA Group management team is the combination of professionals and shareholders. All directors are highly qualified and have extensive overseas experience in different countries. In this respect, they have a considerable contribution and support from the main office to the projects in different countries. The overseas projects are managed by the qualified staff as per the enclosed typical organization chart based on the company policies determined by the top management.

Human Resources
KOCA Group has various engineers of various disciplines and specialized labor force within its own organization. Also, it is in cooperation with specialized private firms active in the same line of businesses where joint ventures are formed for various projects.

Group Organization Chart Of The Management

KOCA Group has developed the health, safety and environment manual and quality management manuals covering all related documentations and control activities, according to the relevant legislations and administrative requirements in any project undertaken in Turkey and abroad. The Manuals shall be referred in all projects contracted for construction and for operation.

KOCA Group has dedicated its engineering competence in completing-ongoing projects and constantly questions and re-examines innovative solutions to achieve most efficient results.