Group Companies

KOCA İnşaat Sanayi ve İhracat Anonim Şirketi
The company is active in sub-structural and infrastructural construction projects requiring advanced engineering solutions with special design and method of construction for sophisticated projects such as dry docks, slipways, water intake, scale pits, railway crossing. Vertical in-situ and precast shafts, caissons that are usually situated at the coastal line with poor soil conditions, requiring special soil improvement methods such as jet grouting, piling, dewatering, sinking caissons etc.

Subenko Altyapı Mühendislik ve İnşaat Anonim Şirketi
The company is active in engineering design works, construction of various substructures, utility works, earthworks, infrastructures, heavy foundations, marine and coastal structures, industrial structures and soil improvement works.

Birce Turizm İnşaat ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi
The company makes investments in touristic facilities.

E DEPOLA LOJİSTİK SAN. TİC. A.Ş. is an affiliate company of Koca Group which provides storage solutions for individuals and corporate customers where they can store their personal belongings and stuff such as; furniture, electronic hardware and document archive with easy payment plans at low costs in a secure area that is insured.