The HSE Management

The commitment of KOCA Group for Health, Safety and Environment views the target of zero accidents as its highest priority in execution of all its projects. To achieve this goal in its Projects throughout the world, continuous support is provided during development, planning, construction, commissioning and completion phases of all the projects. All levels of the companies from top management to labor level are committed and involved to achieve this goal.

- Provides an overview of how we have to execute a project with our objectives/policies and using the guideline of the HSE management plan to achieve targets.
- Identifies our collective responsibilities and the role of the HSE departments with regard to HSE management.
- Identifies key features of HSE Management process rules which must help achieve consistent safety excellence.
- Explains how we have to correct unsafe conditions at workplace or how to assess the hazard activities to complete our job safely.
- Gives a detail how we have to keep record of our HSE management System. So that we can learn from mistakes and make improvements.
- Explains what the project related environmental hazards are and how we can control them.

Project HSE Policy

Health and Safety Policy
KOCA Group aims to achieve and maintain the standards of safety and health for all employees, subcontractors and members of the public and seeks to eliminate all injury or occupational illnesses resulting from its activities.

Environmental Policy
KOCA Group aims to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, preventing pollution and striving for continual improvement in its environmental performance whilst working.

The Quality Management

The Quality Management System is believed to be designed containing optimum documentation allowing, timely decision making and implementation. The System is designed and successfully implemented at the Projects where different plans are prepared as per the nature and requirements for each Project.

The quality control plan outlined at the Projects covers the supplies, services and design, construction, test and maintenance operations within the scope of each Contract and extends to cover its subcontractors’ operations as well.

The programs has the purpose of ensuring complete employer/user satisfaction by providing products or services that conform to the requirements as stated or implied in each Tender and/or Contract and their specifications.

The following basic initiatives are the key elements of the Quality Management:

- Understanding current and future needs of the Clients, to meet the requirements and do its best to exceed their expectations,
- Creating a well-balanced understanding and unity of purpose to create and maintain the internal environment that KOCA employees will be involved in achieving the company's objectives,
- The whole employees of the KOCA Group, at all levels, are the most valuable asset of the organization and their full understanding and involvements shall lead improvements in their abilities for overall quality achievement of the Group,
- Management of activities and related resources as a whole process to achieve the desired results more efficiently,
- Continuous improvement of performances as a permanent objective of the whole organization, which covers the mutual beneficial relations with all stake holders.