Integrated Policy

Vision, mission, principles and values that we create in line with our Integrated Management System, we aim to act in accordance with legal requirements, to win the trust of our stakeholders and to contribute to sustainable development.

In accordance with this purpose;

•Improving the systems for the prevention of occupational accidents and ensure occupational health and safety of our operations,
•Focusing on protecting our natural environment for being respectful to people and the environment,
•Reducing waste, increasing the rate of recycling, reducing the use of natural resources,
•Using energy efficient to increase the share of renewables in energy use,
•Ensure the security of information and to action in this regard,
•Increasing cooperation with neighbor facilities, competent authorities and local authorities about Health-Safety-Environment issues.
•As a customer focused, to ensure continuity in meeting the expectations and to handle the customer complaints effectively,
•Following technological developments, doing design and development works for our products / processes,
•Being structured to be able to respond to emergencies,
•Being transparent to our stakeholders in our applications,

And increasing awareness of our employees, we guarantee that practicing and improving continuously the requirements of  ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards with the participation of all our employees.