Social Responsibility

KOCA Group considers its social responsibility awareness as an integral part of its management and is extremely committed to the health, environmental and educational aspects of its social surroundings. In this respect, the following projects have been accomplished:

BGK Health Center
Birten Gülay KOCA Health Center has been constructed as a grant by KOCA Group to the Gebze Municipality. KOCA Group has completed all civil, electrical and mechanical works along with necessary landscaping works to provide a turn-key Health Center to the administrative authorities.

Belarus Baranovichi University Turkish Language Center

Baranovichi University Turkish Language center has been accomplished through the initiatives of our local branch in Minsk, Belarus and the Embassy of Turkey in Belarus. KOCA Group has been active in financial grant to the institution, while also providing social and administrative support in the process of establishing the center.

Koca Memorial Forest

This project has been accomplished in collaboration with Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs in Gebze to provide a Memorial Forest as a sign of KOCA Group’s commitment to raising environmental awareness.

University Scholarships
KOCA Group is extremely committed to the support of talented and successful underprivileged youth. In this respect, scholarships are given to 50 students who attain a high GPA, and are unable to finance their education.